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Renter’s Tip: Look For Units With High Walk Scores

It’s hard to overstate how important it is for your rental home to have a high Walk Score. A high Walk Score means public transportation, as well as local amenities, are readily available in the walkable local area.

Each GoSection8 listing contains a Walk Score information box on its details page. Walk Scores above 70 indicate that the neighborhood is “very walkable.” If the score is 90 or above, the neighborhood is considered a “walker’s paradise.”

A recent article in the blog Cititank details the difficulty many low-income inhabitants have securing transportation. “Purchasing, maintaining, repairing, insuring, and fueling a car can easily consume 50% or more of a limited income,” the blog says.

For most low-income folk, those numbers are prohibitive. The article goes on to detail how much more valuable, rent-wise, are homes located close to public transportation. In Seattle, for instance, homes in areas with Walk Scores in the 90s are more than 1/3 more expensive to rent than units with a Walk Score near 50.

Conclusion: Finding a rental unit in your price range with a high Walk Score is achievable, using GoSection8. Check out the entire article here: http://bit.ly/ZmtCHU.

High Walk Scores Also Indicate Quality Schools, Report Says

One recent study compared neighborhood Walk Scores in Washington, DC, with the quality of schools found in the corresponding neighborhoods.

“The most successful DCPS schools have high Walk Scores, while the least successful ones mostly (but not entirely) cluster in the lower range,” the article says.

Charter schools, which draw students from multiple neighborhoods, didn’t display a strong correlation between high Walk Scores and high performing schools. But the best-performing public schools, where children come from the same neighborhood, are from areas with Walk Scores above 70, according to the study.

Identifying better schools is another great reason to look for rental properties on GoSection8 that possess high Walk Scores. To read the entire article, click here: http://bit.ly/ZOOt6O.

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