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President and Congress Prepare to Battle Over Assisted-Housing Funds

President Obama has proposed $1 billion in funding for the empty National Housing Trust Fund. Before you get too excited, it’s the fourth year in a row Congress has been asked to fund the program. The program would fund the building of large low-income housing projects. Among other initiatives Obama is pursuing through Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he’s:

  • Proposed adding $300 million to homeless programs, $2 billion total funding;
  • Restored $100 million to the Sustainable Communities Initiative;
  • Added $100 million, for a total of $450 million, to Sec. 202 elderly program;
  • Suggested $75 million for 10,000 vouchers for homeless veterans.

The House Governmental Services Committee is working on a bill that would make changes to the Housing Choice Voucher program, among others. Expect a tough battle. Possible changes, according to law firm Ballard, Spahr, include:

  • Moving to Work Program – Authorizing HUD to expand the MTW program, with no cap placed on the number of agencies that may participate.
  • Changes to Admissions, Rent, and Continued Occupancy Policies – Self-certification for assets under $50,000 and modifications to the income targeting threshold.
  • Voucher Funding – New guidelines for funding the Housing Choice Voucher program would be established.
  • Project-Based Vouchers – New exceptions to the limitations on project-basing Housing Choice Vouchers, within a project and as a percentage of a housing authority’s budget.
  • Rental Assistance Demonstration – The bill includes additional requirements for the rental assistance demonstration program authorized in the Fiscal Year 2012 appropriations bill.

We’ll blog about programs such as Sustainable Communities, Moving To Work and Rental Assistance Demonstration in the near future. Slowly, the government is moving away from assistance payments and toward delivering job and life-skills training. We’ll keep you updated.

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