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Try Our Affordability Search at Your Local Housing Authority Website

GoSection8.com provides services not only for tenant families and landlords, but we also work for local Housing Agencies (HAs). We currently do business with more than 300 Agencies throughout the country.

Our favorite product for HAs is free! Nearly 60 Agencies have accepted our offer of a free localized website featuring GoSection8.com rental listings. For an HA, we build a mini-replica of our website that reports only rental listings applicable to their jurisdiction. Tenants and landlords can access these localized listings through the HA’s own website.

Housing Agency website portals also offer one feature our regular website doesn’t provide: Affordability Search. Enter your voucher size, along with your monthly adjusted income, and we’ll display available units in that jurisdiction that you can afford. Units that are too expensive appear in red text, while affordable units are in green. You can’t get that service anywhere else!

It’s a win-win situation. We trade customized information in return for increased exposure. HAs attract the customers, and GoSection8.com services them. For instance, Palm Beach County (FL) Housing Authority lists 960 properties available for rent through their GoSection8.com website portal. North Charleston (SC) Housing Authority, which got their website portal just two weeks ago, already had 66 properties listed.

Abilene (TX) Housing Authority received their portal two months ago. In an area of the country where landlords have been reluctant to work with the agency, the portal has helped spur interest. “Every time I talk to a landlord about it, they get excited,” says program director Brandy Cockrell. “I just wish we had more landlords.”

We’re expanding our HA portal system each week. Just this week we’ve added Augusta (GA), Evansville (IN) and Garland (TX) housing authorities. Check your HA website for its GoSection8.com portal. If you don’t see it, contact them and make a suggestion. It’s your community!

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