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No Relationship Between Crime and Section 8 Vouchers, Reports Find

Two recent studies debunk the notion that Section 8 tenants bring crime with them. In fact, one study suggests that elevated levels of crime already are present when Section 8 tenants arrive in their new neighborhoods.

“Using neighborhood-level data on crime and voucher use in 10 cities, our study finds no evidence that an increase in households using vouchers results in increased crime in a neighborhood,” says the report, Investigating the Relationship Between Housing Voucher Use and Crime (2013) from the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at the University of New York.

“Instead, we find that households with vouchers tend to settle into areas where crime is already high,” the authors write.

The study used multiple-regression analysis to compare crime rates with voucher movements in 10 major cities (Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C.). “Even in low-poverty neighborhoods, the research provides no evidence that the addition of households using vouchers has an effect upon crime,” the study says.

Read the full 5-page policy brief here:

Public Housing to Section 8: No Increase in Crime in Atlanta and Chicago

The Urban Institute also took a look last year at crime and vouchers in Atlanta and Chicago. They focused on the demolition of public housing in those cities over the past decade, and tried to determine whether the dispersal of public-housing tenants to outlying neighborhoods had a direct effect upon crime.

“The transformation efforts led to substantial decreases in crime in neighborhoods where the CGA and AHA demolished public housing communities,” according to Public Housing Transformation and Crime: Making the Case for Responsible Relocation (2012).

“This decline contributed to a small but significant net decrease in violent crime across all Chicago neighborhoods and a small decrease in violent crime and property crime in Atlanta neighborhoods,” the report says.

Crime decreased overall in Chicago and Atlanta during the transformation period, the study says. Again, relocated public-housing tenants tended to move to areas already experiencing elevated levels of crime.

“The tracts in both cities that experience the greatest impact on crime associated with relocated households are neighborhoods that were already vulnerable, with high rates of poverty and crime before the arrival of public housing relocation households,” the report says.

Read the entire 8-page report here:

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New Section 8 landlord? Check Your Lead-Paint Status

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